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How to Not Poop on Your Wedding Dress (and what to do if you do do)

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Baldwin and Rose: Event Enthusiast owner looking like she may have bathroom issues on her wedding day

You'd be surprise how often I get this question: how do I go to the bathroom in my wedding dress? And the answer is really simple: be really careful.

...not the answer you came here for? Fair. Here are some tips and tricks I've picked up over the years:

  • Do a trial run in a clean bathroom at home. This will help you determine what type of help you're going to need: no help, all the help, crane assistance. A lot of articles out there say to think about your choice of dress before you buy but honestly, I wouldn't let this determine what you want to wear.

  • Bring in a potty posse you trust to lift up the dress while you go (I recommend the largest stall for this one). This can be a really fun bonding experience! When my cousin got married, his bride came over to a bunch of us (cousins + new sisters-in-law), proclaimed she had to go, and we followed her to the restroom. It was easily one of the funniest moments of the evening, very effective, and efficient!

  • Purchase the Bridal Buddy. This handy thing allows you stuff/gently place your dress into a bag and gather it all up while you go. You can also create your own using one of those blue Ikea bags - just cut a hole big enough for you to step into and use the straps to lift the dress up.

  • Be prepared for an accident. I recommend having a non-scented fabric deodorizer, a stain stick, and unscented baby wipes on hand, just in case. Pack these in your day-of bag, assign a member of your entourage to have them, or hire a bad-ass coordinator who will have them in their magical "Mary Poppins" tote (*wink wink*).

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