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Event In Review: A Friday the 13th Wedding

Photo by Anthony Tomassi Photography

I don't do scary, and I especially don't do scary movies, but Nick and Erin do and so having their wedding on Friday the 13th seemed pretty perfect. And it was. Mostly. This day was an excellent example of how despite all the planning and double checking, things can still go wrong.

It started with me slicing my thumb and only having a colorful children's bandage on me so yes, there is absolutely a beautiful picture (by Anthony Tomassi Photography) of me helping Erin into her stunning dress with a bright blue thumb (sorry again, Erin). The groom and best man's suits were missing the vests that kinda tied the whole outfit together. The custom cake topper was left at the bakery. The shuttle busses were 20 minutes late dropping guests at the ceremony site.

But despite the typical unlucky Friday the 13th vibes, the couple took everything in stride. Erin belly laughed when I showed her my thumb. Nick decided to ditch the vest and jacket and still looked amazing. I called the bakery and made just a little bit of a fuss so that the topper was on the cake before the ceremony started. And you can't help traffic so other than the normal anxiety that happens right before the ceremony, everything was chill.

And it was chill because of two things:

1) Nick and Erin are awesome humans and understand that things happen that aren't in your control, and that's okay.

2) They had me, and I took care of all things, most without having to bother them. There were many other things that went "wrong" on their wedding day, but I make it a rule to not share everything with my clients. What's the point? What has happened, has happened. All we can do is move forward - no use crying over spilt milk and all that, right?

But really, this wedding was awesome. There were personal touches at every point in the celebration (including gorgeous flowers by Passalongs Farm). From a dramatic ceremony entrance by the bride, to an award ceremony during the reception, to a sparkler exit - the day from start to finish brought smiles and laughs from everyone in attendance.

With every event I have the honor of helping with, I like to give a long think on the best things that happened throughout the process and make sure I carry those forward with future events. And so below, I have a list of awesome things that Nick and Erin did to make this such an amazing event for both themselves and their guests!

Awesome Things That Nick + Erin Did

  • Reached out for help early - we first spoke in November 2022, which gave us enough time to book all the things and plan all the details for their October 2023 wedding

  • Added all the personal touches: Jason masks that glowed in the dark, a special drink menu honoring loved ones, and playing cards for their seating chart, a not-so-subtle nod to Nick's love of Poker

  • Knew their guests: sensing that this was a party group, Erin and Nick hired shuttle drivers to bring guests to and from the hotel and reception site

  • Included their cat, Jerry, by using his carrier as their card box

  • As mentioned above: Had a freakin' award ceremony during the reception (I won the G.O.A.T. Wedding Coordinator, causing me to turn bright red and then try to hide in a corner the rest of the evening) (although, let's be honest, I was so very honored and the award is very proudly displayed in my office)

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