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how can i help you?

Most of what we do fits in the categories below, but if you're looking for something else, something more, something cheaper, please still be in touch! 


*A note that all prices below are negotiable, so please don't let them scare you off (except the free consultation - there is no amount of convincing me to charge for this)



This is a 45-minute call for us to get to know each other: what do you need to be successful and what can I do to help? Do you like my sense of humor? Are you cool with the way I do things? I like to iron this piece out first before you make any investment decisions - the last thing you need when planning something awesome is to dread checking in with me!

Cost: Free



These are one-off one-hour phone calls/video chats/in-person meetings to go through anything and everything you need. We can walk through vendor lists, discuss how you don't want to invite your great uncle to your birthday party but you have to for family political reasons so what you can do to help make the interactions less awkward/painful, make sure you're on track with a timeline.

When you schedule a call, you also get access to event planning templates I've created.

Cost: $120 each

Subscription Service

For events that might take a little longer to plan (like weddings, milestone birthdays, family reunions), this can help with budgeting. For a set price each month, you'll get:

  • 1-hour of face-to-face time (video call or in-person)

  • 2-hours of my time to do research, vendor communication, email communication with you

  • Access to templates that I'll also keep updated for you (timeline and the to-do list are the most common ones)

Cost: $200/month


Day-of Coordination

Usually reserved for weddings, this is when the planning is finished and you just need someone to come in and make sure all the things you want to happen actually happen. And everything that goes wrong (because things will absolutely go wrong despite the best of planning)? You'll never know about it because I'll take care of it real fast.

This service also includes template access, timeline creation, and communication with your vendors leading up to the event.

Cost: Starting at $1,200

Task List:

The above categories can be pretty broad so here is a list of just some of the things I can help with when you're planning your next event (yes, some of these are mentioned above but I want to cover all the bases):

  • Venue and vendor research and communication

  • Basic timeline structure / order of operations assistance

  • Ideation (especially when it comes to a theme)

  • Research on party favors, the most "in" children's games of the moment, pricing on decorations, etc.

  • Site visits (good for is you're not able to see something in-person yourself)

  • Grocery shopping / picking up of foods and beverages

  • Assembly of party favors / door prizes

  • Party set-up and tear-down


Task List:

Again, the above categories are broad so here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the random wedding-related tasks I'm able to help with that are maybe not as obvious:

  • Outfit and accessory shopping. Sometimes going with a stranger is just a little less stressful than going with those closest to you. I promise my honest opinion unless you want me to just agree with all your decisions, of course

  • Basic design help. I'm not a professional graphic designer but I can absolutely put together a basic program and signage for your day that won't be too terrible.
  • Decoration curation. Need 100 vases from flea markets but don't have time to do all that driving and haggling? Put me in, coach!
  • Catering judging. I mean, this is just a bonus for me if you want me to tag along to your tasting
  • Itinerary planning. Are you creating a whole weekend of awesomeness for your guests? I can assist in finding the places, the foods, and the activities.
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