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Event In Review: A Mermaid Wedding

Mermaid themed wedding photos

When I was six or so, I entered into a talent show with my dearest friend at the time and we sang "Part of Your World" from Disney's The Little Mermaid. We had insanely cool tails, attached to our wrists to make them move (made by my god-mother) with matching leotards with bras, and a backdrop of nets and shells and fish. We did not win, but a mom managed to record me saying "I really have to pee" directly into the microphone to start off our set. So there's that.

All that to say, when I was contacted just a few months ago to help organize a "mermaid wedding," not only was I intrigued, I was so. Freakin'. Excited. How do you make mermaids not tacky? What does that theme even mean? So many questions and so few answers as I went to meet my clients, Desi and Jay, for the first time.

Their entire wedding was overflowing with love and creativity. They had friends help out with all aspects, including the gorgeous cake (made with love by Brandee of Many Layers Cake Shop), an altar fit for all magical beings, handmade ceremony programs, a parade, and so much musical talent I thought I would burst. The decorations turned a windowless Elks Lodge event space into an underwater paradise, with branches hanging from the ceiling and pink confetti that matched the Groom's pants perfectly.

With every event I have the honor of helping with, I like to give a long think on the best things that happened throughout the process and make sure I carry those forward with future events. And so below, I have a list of awesome things that Desi and Jay did to make this such an amazing event for both themselves and their guests!

Awesome Things That Desi + Jay Did

  • Let others help in areas they didn't know they needed help in by utilizing the talents of their community, and being okay with asking for help

  • Gave a meaningful favor (sage and smudge sticks with a handwritten poem)

  • Had activities for children incorporated into each table, which absolutely avoided any breakdowns (to the best of my knowledge)

  • Took moments to be by themselves, but also made sure to talk and visit with every guest, creating special moments with all

  • Prioritized openness and inclusivity throughout the entire process and the day itself

  • Danced like no one was watching the whole night

  • Had an epic party

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