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why hello there!

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! I'm Halley, the owner of Baldwin and Rose, and your go-to events person. Whether you just need advice or ideas for an upcoming gathering or you want someone to take over the whole thing, I'm here.

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a little more about me

I've been organizing/planning/assisting with events as a side hustle for the majority of my life. When my mother moved out of my childhood home, I was tasked with organizing a farewell gathering and settled on "black tie, bare feet" for the theme. I had so. much. fun. And I knew I had to make events a part of my life.

As my friends started to get married, I found myself helping in any way I could (directing vendors, fixing flower arrangements, gathering family for photos, etc.). Before long I was offering my services to people I barely knew, just as part of a conversation when anyone mentioned they were getting married.

After several successful day-of wedding coordinator gigs that ended with smiles and compliments from both clients and vendors, I made the leap to make this more official. So here we are!

More of the basic info: I'm originally from the Adirondacks in upstate New York, growing up in the hamlet of Ironville. I went to school at American University, where I met my now wife. We lived in DC for a few years before quitting our jobs at the best possible time (2010) and embarking on a 48 state road trip. We landed in western Massachusetts, where we reside with our cat, Casanova.

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