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We think we're pretty chill, but we definitely encourage you to see what others have to say. Oh look! Some great things people are saying!


Nick + Erin

We weren’t planning on having a wedding planner but as we said the other day to each other, “If we didn’t have Halley we would have quit.”
She made us so comfortable and had so many great ideas! She connected us to local vendors that fit our style and personalities so well. She was organized, sweet, supportive and fun! She even earned the GOAT wedding planner award at our wedding :). We highly recommend working with her!

Services Used: Wedding Planning, Day-of Coordination

Photo by Anthony Tomassi Photography

Groom + Wedding Coordinator.jpeg

Casey + Alex

Halley saved our wedding. Seriously. Halley is funny, and charming, and organized, and resourceful, and prepared to the max. In a word, she's a pro.

Thanks to her, we actually enjoyed our wedding.

My wife and I were getting married on a budget, so the entire enterprise was extremely DIY. We planned the wedding ourselves, we contracted the vendors, we roped in our friends to help with everything from event setup & breakdown to building our bouquets...  there were a lot of moving parts (as with all weddings) and we were the people orchestrating all of it. As the day approached, we were running the very serious risk of having a great wedding where everyone had a fantastic time except us because we were pulling our hair out worrying about whether or not the whole thing would go smoothly.

Enter Halley. Our savior.

As our day-of coordinator, Halley worked with us to understand the beautiful wedding that we were imagining in our brains, what needed to be done to make it happen, and then she took the entire enterprise into her very capable hands, gave us a drink, and told us to have a good time.

And we did.

When the day came, of course there were hiccups, snafus, and problems to be solved. But were we worried? Not for a second. Did Halley act fast, think quickly, and take care of business? You bet she did.

Was our wedding everything that we had dreamed of during our months of planning? Hell yes. Do we ever, ever think we could have gotten through our special day without Halley? Not on your life.

Services Used: Day-of Coordination


Adom + Tina

Halley made our wedding happen. My fiance and I wanted to be married, but are both chronic procrastinators, and had a lot of trouble actually getting anything done. Halley came in, listened to our unique needs, and crafted a detailed plan of how it was all going to happen. She got us organized, created to-do lists, delegated work to our parents, called vendors, booked them all, and sent us a detailed invoice at the end. I should also mention that we were actually planning TWO weddings, one local and one 3,000 miles away. So everything she completed had to be done twice, and totally remote for half of it. It all went off perfectly and we are so happy with the results! 


Halley herself is gregarious, meticulous, easy to work with, and the most thoughtful person I've ever met. I highly recommend her services. Once you hire her, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief and things will start going according to plan. 

Services Used: Wedding Planning, Day-of Coordination

Photo by Mei Seva



I love Halley! She gave me so much candy!

Services Used: Event Planning (8th birthday party)



"This was sooo much better than [younger brother's] party!"

Services Used: Event Planning (7th birthday party)


Jason + Loriel

We absolutely loved working with Halley throughout our wedding weekend. She helped us think through all our day-of needs in advance and caught some things we missed (thank you!). She also skillfully coordinated all our vendors, family and wedding party to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be at the right time. We didn't have to worry about a thing because we could trust that Halley had everything under control. She even jumped in and walked us through the rehearsal at the last moment when the officiant suddenly couldn't make it. Her sense of humor and her calm demeanor helped us relax and enjoy the process. Everything went very smoothly and our family and friends commented how wonderful she was to work with. We couldn't have asked for a better person to be by our side on our special day, and we certainly couldn't have done it without Halley!

Services Used: Day-of Coordination


Stephanie + Troy

I didn't think I needed a day-of planner, but Halley proved at our first meeting that I absolutely did. Halley was super organized, asked questions I hadn't even thought of, which made the day seamless, and stress-free (for me). Halley made sure we ate after the ceremony by hand-delivering our cocktail hour appetizers during family photos. When someone stepped on my dress and busted the bustle, Halley was there with safety pins to save the day. When someone showed up not on the guest list, Halley handled the situation so smoothly that I didn't even know until the end of the night. There are probably so many other little crises that Halley handled that I didn't even know about. And she handled them all with kindness and a genuine smile, which many guests and family members warmly commented to me. With Halley there, I was able to truly enjoy my special day. I'd highly recommend Halley and her services.

Services Used: Day-of Coordination

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