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Do I Really Need a Day-of Coordinator?

Sign: Magic at work; your patience is requested

To demonstrate the need of a really good day-of coordinator on your wedding day, I'm just going to share a list of things I've taken care of that couples will never know I took care:

  • Created an extra table for unexpected guests (complete with meals and place cards)

  • Replaced a leaking water container

  • Supplemented missing tips for vendors*

  • Created an on-the-fly reception music playlist (x3 - please hire a DJ)

  • Cleaned up broken glass

  • Picked up more ice

  • Provided direction assistance

  • Jumped in the kitchen to help cook dinner

  • Rearranged and placed centerpieces that arrived looking terrible

  • Stepped in as a second photographer

  • Assisted with the attachment of boutonnières

  • Served meals

  • Cut the cake (I don't recommend letting me do this again)

  • Parked cars

  • Assembled place cards that were missing

  • Rearranged appetizer platters

  • Escorted guests to their seats

  • Stopped traffic

  • Picked up a vendor

  • Printed new signs

  • Helped decorate cupcakes

  • Wrote MC speech

This is by no means an exhaustive list, AND this not meant to scare you! The simple fact is that something will absolutely go wrong on your wedding day and it would kinda suck if you were forced out of the moment to deal with something. So even if you don't hire me, please hire someone - I pinky promise you won't regret it!

*I absolutely let the couple know about this one, but a week later so they didn't need to stress in the moment

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