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Holiday Sale!

Order a Gift Certificate

Give the gift of event planning and organization for someone(s) you care about...or think could use some help...

How it works

Fill out the form below with your information, which gift certificate you're purchasing, who you're purchasing it for, and how you'd like it to be delivered.

Within 72-hours, you'll receive an invoice at the email address you provide. You can pay via a credit card, or choose to mail me a check*.

Once payment is received, the gift certificate (and extras, if purchased) will be sent to the unexpecting recipient.

Be prepared to receive a huge THANK YOU from whoever you sent this amazing gift to!

*We realize this is not the most straight forward of processes and very greatly appreciation your patience. We are a newer small business and trying to keep costs for our clients low (i.e. no processing fees)

How would you like the recipient to receive your gift?

Thank you for your order!

Halley will be in touch within 72-hours with a payable invoice and further details on your purchase.

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